This chapter introduces the notion of topographical leverage in providing Internet services and develop the concept of capacity provision networks (CPNs). Focusing on network topographical leveraging of sharable resources, a framework for modeling and analyzing the business and technical components of CPN is developed. CPN is a network of four broad types of participating firms in the Web: content publishers, content distributors, service providers, and intermediary brokers. The internet service providers(ISP) that normally provided only basic Internet access to its customers is now being transformed into a service center providing numerous other services, such as caching web content, specialized streaming services for multimedia. Customer resource management extends the managed hosting services to an entirely new and extended set of services offered by ISPs. The service components include the server farm architectures and Internet connectivities of the respective ISPs. Internet storage infrastructure (ISI) is a possible solution to the enormous challenge of storing and distributing rich media content over the Internet.