Abstract: Mobility, beyond simple convenience, means freedom, and freedom creates choice and value, which may revolutionize the way companies work, buy, sell, and collaborate. In this way, mobile commerce (m-commerce) may mark the start of a new era of innovation in business. The m-commerce products and services, which are being formed with the help of wireless technology, will drive the emergence of new business models at the same time as the products and services themselves will help shape new user contexts. The wireless products and services will reshape the world of the users and the routines they use in their everyday life, which in turn will change the way they perceive “how things should be,” that is, their ideas of what is possible and valuable. (Take, for example, the Short Message Service [SMS], which replaced part of voice communications and offered an easier method of nonurgent communication than the phone.) These changes will drive the emergence of new value systems that will extend the way organizations conduct business-and change the relationships among companies, customers, suppliers, and partners.