This chapter explains the preponderant role cross-cultural communication plays in management practices of multinational and international businesses in Africa. For successful globalization of trade MNCs' search for natural resources and markets in Africa, the critical role of cross-cultural communication in management practices of the various MNCs in the African business terrain is worthy of study. The Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) region is vast and multifaceted; MNCs operating in Africa must understand the complex cross-cultural dynamics of the SSA environment. As a result, Africans place emphasis on collectivism, group participation, and tend to be more people-oriented and value their extended family system. Expatriates' behaviours towards Africans are thus interpreted not only by the words they speak, but the nonverbal behaviour and attitudes towards the Africans. Thus, seeking to understand and accepting the actions and behaviours of Africans in a nonbiased atmosphere is what cross-cultural communication is about.