The introduction to Manual, the earliest of KieranTimberlake's two complementary monographs, Alberto Perez-Gomez locates the firm's work squarely within the tradition of twentieth-century phenomenology. In 2000, the partners resolved that they would no longer teach design studio; instead they undertook a design research laboratory, now in its fourteenth year. The properties of smooth and striated space likewise correlate with strategic changes in the culture of KieranTimberlake's practice, in particular the nodal structure of Kieran Timberlake's research enterprise, which operates coextensively within its legal and administrative structure. In addition to traditional research, Kieran Timberlake deploys the team to help create and test new tools and products of value to the industry, with several recently released, currently under development or in the pipeline. Research staff pulse weekly queries to every desk in the office, sweeping up information and knowledge for integration within both project-specific and general research initiatives.