This chapter discusses how GXN explicitly integrates research into design at various scales. GXN has a unique organizational structure facilitating new ways of working, proposing a new model for generating and distributing new knowledge into practice. It concerns the new model with adapting ecological strategies and materials for architectural applications, and this is illustrated in projects such as their project BioBuild, where a series of products and building systems in bio-composites are realized. The Danish architectural studio 3XN has a firm grounding in the Danish design tradition, with emphases on daylight, spatial complexity and the design of informal gathering spaces. 3XN earns a reputation for exceptional offices, housing, schools and cultural buildings. The aim of GXN is to integrate green research into architectural practice to positively affect the world we live in both architecturally and environmentally. These strategies are unique and GXN is working to set itself apart as a world-leading green design consultancy.