This chapter discusses the UN in UNStudio stands for United Network. Fifteen years ago the practice changed the name of the bureau from Van Berkel & Bos to UNStudio. Involuntary occurrences within the mind, Freud discovered, are common throughout the various stages of sleep. It is perhaps partially these unexpected and involuntarily responses that are the sought-after intentions of UNStudio's design process and architecture. Dreams are filled with both manifest and latent content, inaccessible through conscious thought. Bi-weekly meetings are held by each platform, during which the results of new project-related research are discussed and organized, updates are provided concerning ongoing collaborative research studies and possible future collaborations are investigated. A multitude of layers and readings characterizes the dream, but is also present in much of UNStudio's architecture. UNStudio's four Knowledge Platforms have since been developed into self-organized groups, operating as cross-linked platforms within the studio.