This chapter outlines the work of Glynn Tromans and his coaching philosophy and pedagogy in relation to his roles as Talent Development Manager and, in particular, Performance Coach for the BC3 squad at GB Boccia. It begins by giving a brief introduction to the sport of boccia and the historical and current status of the Great Britain BC3 squad, before outlining relevant aspects of Glynn’s historical background that have a bearing upon his current role. The bulk of the chapter focuses upon Glynn’s coaching philosophy and pedagogy and how these shape his work with the BC3 squad. This includes a vision and mission for the squad known amongst themselves as the ‘big hairy audacious goal’ and underpinned by a drive to play ‘fearless’ boccia. The chapter then goes on to highlight some of the key current issues that arise for coaches working in boccia, from Glynn’s perspective from the international down to the individual national coach level. This includes an outline of how these issues might impact upon the future development of the sport of boccia. The chapter concludes with some recommendations from Glynn for coaching, education or practice within the sport of boccia moving forward.