Data assessing a child's sexual orientation or gender identity are not tracked by child welfare agencies. Similarly, many youth in care are reluctant to disclose information about their sexual orientation or gender identity for a number of reasons. Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth fear that their placements could be in jeopardy or that they may be discriminated against or marginalized if their caretakers were to become aware of their LGBTQ status. Many LGBTQ youth enter the child welfare system for the same reasons as straight youth. There are, however, a number of explanations that help us to better understand why so many LGBTQ youth end up in the foster care system. Family rejection and hostility related to a youth's sexual orientation or gender identity largely contribute to the overrepresentation of LGBTQ youth in care. LGBTQ youth are kicked out of their homes or run away from their homes at rates significantly higher than straight youth.