Our knowledge of the factors influencing the Latina/o community’s trajectory into higher education has increased 10-fold over the last decade (Martinez, 2012; Martinez & Cervera, 2012; Nuñez, Sparks, & Hernández, 2011; Pérez, 2010; Rios-Aguilar & Marquez Kiyama, 2012). Included in this body of work is research on college preparedness and choice; and within that, there are conceptual and theoretical college-going models, such as Perna’s (2006) comprehensive Proposed Conceptual Model of Student College Enrollment Behaviors. This chapter proposes a model to inform Perna’s model by providing further detail and insight into what Latina/o students consider as they make postsecondary decisions, negotiate the college-going process, and, ultimately, assess the benefits and risks of going to college.