The authors would like to thank the students and staff at Willamette Academy for their support of this research, as well as Alyssa Norris and Raelyne Moreno for their valuable research assistance.

According to the U.S. Census, the Latina/o population in Oregon grew from 4% in 1990, to 8% in 2000, to 12% in 2010 (CensusViewer, n.d.). Furthermore, per the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), the Latina/o student population in Grades P-12 increased from 10% in 2000 to 20% in 2010 (ODE, 2013). This demographic shift is especially apparent in the Salem-Keizer School District (SKSD) located in the cities of Salem and Keizer, Oregon. According to the ODE, the Latina/o student population in SKSD increased from 16.6% of the total student enrollment in 2000, to 37.2% in 2010. In the case of two high schools in SKSD, Douglas McKay and North Salem, a majority of the student population is Latina/o, at more than 60% and 50%, respectively, in 2011.