Recap's provide a summary of what occurred in previous episodes of a series, often beginning with the standard expression Previously on. The most evident point of contact is given by the fact that short, ephemeral forms and long, serial forms have different temporalities. Spectators often value vast narratives such as Lost, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones as important experiences in their entirety. In the field of literary theory, Grard Genette has studied the literary summary, identifying the possible modes of textual reduction and particularly focusing on the different forms of quantitative reductions: excision, concision, condensation, and so forth. Lisa Kernan has illustrated how trailers constitute a short textual form that unites promotional discourse with narrative pleasure. Jason Mittell has outlined the connection between the narrative complexity of contemporary TV series and the problems of accessibility theposes. Knowledge sets therefore become visible within the audiovisual text and vary in type: social or historical, but also textual, intertextual and metatextual knowledge.