This chapter focuses on the transition from ephemerality to persistence and vice versa. The contemporary mediascape is formed of short, audiovisual fragments that contribute to complex narrative worlds that one has elsewhere called narrative ecosystems. The chapter will take for granted some relevant changes in the production and fruition models of TV serial narratives. Henry Jenkins first introduced his concept of transmedia storytelling in 20036 and later elaborated it in his book Convergence Culture. It is exemplifies by the case of the Davy Crockett coonskin cap. In the 1950s, a fad became popular among young people who suddenly started to seek out the coonskin cap worn by Davy Crockett in the eponymous five-part Disney serial aired on ABC in one-hour episodes. According to Jrme Bourdon, remembering television is not remembering a text with chapters, nor even a series of acts of viewing: it is remembering contacts with a certain world out there, which comes to exist through the television screen.