In 2014, The Guardian ran an article entitled Sherlock Holmes: The Many Identities of the Worlds Favourite Detective in Pictures. In January 2015, as an accompaniment to the exhibition, Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die, the Museum of London hosted a debate among four well-known Sherlockians putting forward their nominations for the best Holmes: Douglas Wilmer, featured in the 1965 BBC Sherlock Holmes, Jonny Lee Miller, featured in CBSs Elementary; Basil Rathbone, who starred in two Twentieth Century Fox features and the 1940s Universal film series, and Brett. Google Images provides another measure of Downeys preeminent status among Holmes actors; entering the search term Sherlock Holmes into the search box results in a Downey-dominated screen, his numerous images interrupted only by occasional pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch, Basil Rathbone, and Jeremy Brett.