This chapter focuses on the learning process which has emerged through the enclosing and commoning process. The tragedy of the Park Gell must be understood within the context of the decade-long strategy of turning Barcelona into one of the most popular urban tourism destinations in the world. Ignoring the delineation of the UNESCO designated area, and with the legitimation of the History Museum of Barcelona, the City Council arbitrarily declared the regulated zone as the monumental' one. The Plataforma Defensem el Park Güell (PDPG) was officially constituted in July 2012 to pursue the opposition against the enclosure in a very different way from the previous Coordinator platform. The delimitation of tourist spaces may induce the segregation of the space precisely because of its touristic character. Labelling places as touristic and enacting them as such may erase the chance to negotiate the space through the mundane practices and performances beyond tourism.