Crime Free Multi-Family Housing (CFMFH) was initially introduced in Tacoma as a pilot project in 1996. CFMFH was a collaborative effort with the Tacoma Police Department, the Tacoma Fire Department, Tacoma Building and Land Use Services, and the Tacoma Human Rights Department that received a grant from the Washington Governor’s Office of Juvenile Justice (a division of the Department of Social and Health Services). Designed to increase collaboration between local agencies, businesses, neighborhoods, and individuals to create a useful and replicable program that might be applied in any community under similar circumstances, CFMFH was developed to achieve objectives related to the education, inspection, and certification of the area’s apartment communities. These objectives included reduction of calls for police services, especially those involving juvenile crime; increases in prosocial youth activities; provision of landlord information regarding eviction and intervention; facilitation of voluntary certif ication of rental units; and creation of city ordinances that promoted continuation of the project beyond its initial funding.