Since 1993 the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) has recognized successful problem-oriented policing initiatives through the presentation of the Herman Goldstein Award. Award-winning projects are those that provide innovative and effective strategies for reducing crime, and for disorder and public safety problems (PERF, 1999). The showcasing of these initiatives is meant to provide knowledge to other law enforcement agencies on best practices, as well as spur further innovation in the field. Consideration for the Goldstein Award is open to employees of law enforcement agencies worldwide who have engaged in the creation of problem-oriented policing initiatives (PERF, 1999). These individuals are required to submit a written proposal to the PERF award commission that provides a brief overview of the problem-oriented initiative, which must be presented in the SARA (scanning, analysis, response, and assessment) format (see Spelman and Eck, 1987; Goldstein, 1990; National Institute of Justice [NIJ], 2000). From 1993 to 1999 there were 53 problem-oriented initiatives recognized as winners or honor mentions by the award commission.1 This chapter identifies the characteristics of these 53 innovative initiatives.