This introduction presents an overview of key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book engages such sensitivities, and it demonstrates the need for more well-informed politics of animals housing. Housing and domesticating animals are acts that crisscross normative boundaries of human-animal distinctions, and that reshape them, producing situated politics of bodies, agencies and relationships. According to the material-semiotic approach of science and technology studies (STS), is to pay closer attention to the work and practices of constructing and imagining arrangements for human non-human spatial relations, and the politics and ideas that are part of these ordering practices. The book demonstrates animal housing is a multi-species affair. It is not only about human control, but equally about human-animal modifications and modes of co-existence. "Housing" is a complex, and far from self-evident, matter, and that it is performed with a range of means, to reach a variety of ends, which results in complex politics, practices and relations.