This chapter explores how piglets are housed, cared for and processed to become a resource for translational medicine. It moves into the field of neonatology in Denmark in which piglets are born prematurely to model the human infant in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The chapter investigates the spatial arrangements in three different sites in the infrastructure of translational medicine. They are, the pig laboratory in which piglets are born, taken care of and in the end killed; the semi-public spaces of scientific conferences in which pig-based research is presented to various actors in the field of translational research; the NICU where premature or seriously ill infants are treated the infants whose health is seen as the ultimate goal of the life, suffering and death of the research piglets. The chapter follows experimental practices on research piglets in a perinatal pig laboratory in Denmark through shorter periods of observing laboratory practices and participating in research events and seminars.