This chapter presents the power that dominant epistemological terrains have to erase and exclude other ways of knowing and being from space. Entering the words Sun Peak's images into Google Search yields pages of images. The image of Secwpemc defenders of Skwelkwekwelt nestled amongst the pictures of skiers and golfers on holiday asserts an interruption to the smooth surface of the visual narrative presented. Political ecology is keenly aware that places are not simply inert containers where culture occurs but rather emerge out of complex intersections of ecological and cultural forces that come together to happen as places. The sign recalls the 2004 court order for the removal of the Skwelkwekwelt Protection Centre, the arrest of several Secwpemc defenders, and their subsequent court ordered ban from returning to the site. In public discourse about Sun Peaks what is emphasized most is the contribution that the resort makes to the regional economy.