This chapter outlines the development of a mobile application called NetMap to aid student-to-student formal and informal networked learning based on their location. It highlights the need for merging both physical and technical learning spaces in order to provide students with increased opportunity to expand their formal and informal networks. NetMap can be used within learning management systems (LMSs), virtual learning environments (VLEs), and MOOCs to facilitate connections between learners virtually or within physical spaces. Other open practice spaces for using NetMap include: museums, libraries, conferences/networking events, festivals, town squares, as well as formal organizations and flexible office and business spaces. Central to achieving lasting and significant benefits from technology adoption will be an associated change in the model of education and the development of twenty-first-century literacy's. Traditional organizational boundaries are fading and professional workers are becoming very actively involved in creating and maintaining networked relationships with their peers, often on a global scale, to tackle work-related challenges.