Shakespeare holds the position in literature of Top Bard, but this deserved priority has one unfortunate consequence; generally make the first acquaintance with his plays, not in the theatre, but in the classroom or study, so that, when do attend a performance, people have lost that naive openness to surprise which is the proper frame of mind in which to witness any drama. From an actor's point of view, the role of Falstaff has the enormous advantage that he has only to think of one thing-playing to an audience. Angelo has wronged Isabella and Mariana, and the facts of the wrong become public. Angelo repents and demands that the just sentence of death be passed on him by the Duke. As a potential ruler, Bolingbroke possesses many of the right qualities. Henry may wish that Hotspur, not Hal, were his heir, because Hotspur is a brave warrior ready to risk his life in battle against England's foes.