This chapter builds on the themes by illustrating how intergenerational audiences, which include youth and young adults, pursue learning experiences in maker communities online and use openly networked design features to connect making practices to other parts of the learning ecology. It describes the structure of online platforms that inform connected participation in two distinct cases: a gaming community centered on level design, and a Harry Potter-themed knitting community. While Sackboy Planet participants devote their efforts towards new media products, Hogwarts at Ravelry members develop both digital and physical materials as part of their pursuits. Connected learning is a growing research movement in both education and tech sectors that aims to understand new supports for learning in an increasingly networked society. The chapter describes the openly networked design features of Sackboy Planet and Hogwarts at Ravelry, and discusses how the two cases develop a learning architecture within their respective communities to provide numerous opportunities for participants to pursue skill-building activities.