Catholicism is the dominant religion of the Spanish state and in Catalonia. The extension of the Castilian inquisition into the territories of the Crown of Aragon by the Spanish missionary monarchy of the fifteenth century has been considered one of the first measures of the Castillianization of Catalonia. Bishop Torras i Bages saw regionalism as beneficial for his universal religion. He was a major actor in the transformation of Catalanism from a language revival movement into a political force. While in Spain Catholicism considered liberalism as a sin, the Church in Catalonia had to deal with the consequences of industrialization and was confronted with strongly anticlerical federalists, republicans and anarchists. During the late 1970s and 1980s, the Church in Catalonia became somewhat depoliticized. When with the founding of the Republic, the time of Catholicism as state religion seemed to be over, in Catalonia there were relatively more republican sympathies among the clergy than in other parts of Spain.