This chapter reviews David Crone berg's psychoanalysis, which allows him to explore the roots of violence, sexual deviation, and other human demons that have been traditionally present in his films. Moreover, it allows him to go back in time and look at the people who seriously explored these demons for the first time in history-at the people who 'registered' the 'death of God' when they acknowledged the existence of evil in human beings. Similarly, the protagonist of A Dangerous Method is hoping to 'revive' God-an unbelievably brave project, which, Cronen berg implies in his metaphors, is akin to an attempted crossing of the River Styx in a small boat. Cronenberg is keen to pick on Jung because throughout his life and career Jung stubbornly clung to his "defenses" myth, religion, and spirituality all of which the director dismisses. Jung is quietly heroic, struggling with the monsters crawling out of the depths of his and his patients unconscious.