Hospital buildings have not received a great deal of attention in architectural critique in Japan. This may be because the intense focus on the provision of medical functions made hospital buildings just monotonous. However, a hospital requires comprehensive environment development and the realization of a restorative environment. This chapter will discuss the general trend seen in the articles of Shin Kenchiku , Japan Architects , and AIJ Work Selections and will clarify the unique designs in a number of hospital buildings. The fi rst case study is a large-scale and multi-function development resembling a townscape. Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchu Medical Plaza with 1,350 beds has a variety of functions and is serviced by a full spectrum of facility management. The second is a healing environment in Aichi Children’s Health and Medical Center, which was presented in a British architectural magazine, Hospital Development , in 2008. The third is the design of a dilettantish and unique approach by Atelier Architects, Katta Public General Hospital.