In psychosis one must introduce other therapeutic parameters. Looking for meaning or signification to resolve problems of a psychotic individual is not as efficacious as it often is with neurotic patients. The notion of perspective insofar as it concerns the creation of space pertains to clinical work under transference, as the fundamental therapeutic position of being with. Starting with Jacques Lacan was a French psychoanalyst according to his notion of the stabitat, a neologism condensing stability and habitat in his therapeutic approach to the cure of psychosis, psychic space and language form parallel roads. This stabitat is something the analyst can offer, but so can the institutional space as well. Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis gives direction that help for further understand the psychotic's invention. The psychoanalysis of psychosis may be considered a conquest of jouissance, a conquering of the substructure of language, all the while ensuring language's value, and even its pleasure.