This chapter focuses on Europe's post-imperial condition, which calls for Europeans to reflect upon the deeply rooted colonial patterns which were the original project of European integration. The Cold War offered a post-colonial re-ordering around the confrontation of two modern empires, while the post-Cold War reawakened the mindset and practices of older empires, not least the universalizing impulse in Europe. Some of these old reflexes have come back to the fore on the European stage, first incrementally and then intensely with the Eurocrisis. It also examines how the European Union (EU) has dealt with its post-imperial condition over time, and what normative guidelines could help it do so better. The EU has long embarked on a post-imperial project that is indeed grounded on a commitment to non-domination internally as well as externally. The chapter then argues that the EU may best deal with its post-imperial condition namely pursue a 'decentring agenda' by focusing on the cases of Turkey and Ukraine.