This chapter outlines the limitations of bioethical discourses of choice and responsibility surrounding food and health. It argues that much of the bioethical discourse ignores the biopolitical dimension of food systems and directives encouraging individuals and populations to make healthy food choices. The chapter reviews redundant of bioethical analyses or should be ignored. It suggests that the inclusion of a biopolitical perspective was a crucial corrective for bioethics to critically respond to concerns surrounding food, and that together a substantial political and ethical analysis of food is possible. Julie Guthman concludes her book Weighing In suggesting that people need to harness this exploding interest in food and use the power of public politics to change food systems. In the neoliberal context, grain scarcity proves to be profitable to traders in agricultural commodities on derivatives markets. However, the speculation on agricultural commodities led to food spikes, fluctuating markets, and political unrest in sub-Saharan Africa, parts of the Middle East, and India.