This chapter presents some criticisms to defend food-related ethical consumerism against them. This criticism is raised with regard to the promotion of ethical diets, such as vegetarianism and veganism, as well as the promotion of fair trade and local production. The chapter reviews the ineffectiveness objection fails, as consumers contribute to the harm that causes in the food sector even though they might not always be able to individually make a difference for the relevant outcomes. It addresses some forms of ethical consumerism might constitute a form of vigilantism. Ethical consumerism is the practice of basing ones consumption choices in ethical considerations, at least partially. These can include concerns regarding workers rights, the fairness of trade relations, the environment, or the well-being of animals. A type of well-informed and self-aware ethical consumerism can help to combat the harms occurring in food production, and it can prepare the ground for future collective reform in this area.