This chapter analyses new light on anorexia by insisting on the fact that, most of the time, girls and women who suffer from this problem. Anorexia contributes a gender-oriented approach. And, more generally, feminisms inquiry contributes into the conditions for the emancipation of women, and whose bodies are privileged as places of self-expression. Transcending the dualisms of mind/body, nature/culture, and man/woman and prioritizing the subject's corporeality are both essential contributions that feminism has made to thought. In this way, these contributions have spurred a renewal of ontology and political theory, and they can cast new light on the phenomena like anorexia and eating disorders in general that express the totality of a person's relationship with the world and with others. The hunger artist's response can be interpreted as a mark of his contempt for earthly food and as a testament to his rejection of the body.