This chapter provides a detailed overview of the integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Road Map for the high school grade levels 9-12. The STEM Road Map for grades 9-12 continues to be anchored in the overarching five STEM themes which include: Cause and Effect, Innovation and Progress, The Represented World, Sustainable Systems, and Optimizing the Human Experience. The topics for ninth grade include: Formation of the Earth, Erosion and Weathering Management, Global Models and their Uses, Vital Systems of the Earth, and Evaluating Human Impact on Nature.The topics for tenth grade include: Healthy Living, Environmental Management, Modeling Ecosystems, Survival and Reproduction, and Rebuilding the Natural Environment.The topics for eleventh grade include:Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Construction Materials, Radioactivity, Green Building Rooftops, and Mineral Resources.The topics for twelfth grade include:The Business of Amusement Parks, Creating the Next Smart Phone, Car Crashes, Creating Global Bonds, and Dealing with Natural Catastrophes..