This chapter highlights some clinical implications of James Hillman's theories in order to establish new responses to common requests from patients in light of a multicultural reality and a changing world. It honors James Hillman's memory, recalling some of his pivotal statements, and presenting some clinical proposals that are each inspired by his invitation for all 'to see-through' and 'to become an image among images'. Hillman in his writings invited readers to release therapy and psychology itself 'from the inevitable narrowing into personalism' and 'the exclusivity of the consulting room' in order to open ourselves up to impersonal psychic dimension and to the world, imagining them again metaphorically. Trauma Imaginal Treatment is aimed at approaching traumatic experiences and unconscious traumatic complexes, considering them as a doorway to enter the images from the objective psyche, from the impersonal dimension of the existence. The Right Words Therapy is an analytical approach aimed at making each single session a complete session in itself.