This chapter illustrates how the global International Relations (IR) debate can be included in teaching and how students can contribute to the discipline. It conceptualizes this debate along literature that addresses the discipline’s geo-epistemological dimensions and the epistemic violence inherent in ignoring them, thereby aspiring to rethink IR as a global discipline. The chapter explores the global IR debate literature in three strands (pre-debate, conceptual-normative, and empirical strands) according to their main questions, central aims and methods. It establishes and problematizes the global IR debate’s absence from IR classrooms by reviewing syllabi and major textbooks. The chapter also explores the benefit of including students into the move towards global IR. It deconstructs key categories of the discipline with the help of critical perspectives hitherto marginalized or excluded from IR theorizing. Students’ enthusiasm and engagement challenge the norm of offering introductory IR classes which simplify the discipline’s diversity and point towards a more proactive concept of studying.