This chapter considers the workings of the dual state. It discusses on the concept of sublation, the mechanism whereby the administrative regime subverts, but does not destroy the autonomy of the institutions associated with the constitutional state. The chapter examines various models of the third state, including a discussion of the 'deep state' idea as applied to Italy and Turkey. It draws a parallel with Second Empire France, a situation which has remarkable similarities with contemporary Russia, and reinforces the point by further examining the parallels between Putinism and Berlusconism. One of the more potent comparisons of contemporary Russia could well be with Second Empire France. The distinctive features of Russia's dual state may allow an evolutionary transcendence of the stalemate; but it may equally spiral into rampant authoritarianism, corruption and decay. Venal corruption in an uncontrolled triple state is in danger of metastising into meta-corruption and degeneration of the whole system.