The system of tenure and promotion in anthropology tends to militate against public engagement, and there were few incentives for what has become in the interim a much more robust 'public anthropology'. The other fields in the academy have been much faster than anthropology to adopt social media, including sociology and political science. There are several anthropologists and ethnographers who currently explore the boundaries of social media for their research. Examining the contours of these ethnographic experiments might enable to sketch the contours of an emergent networked anthropology. Tricia Wang is a sociologist working as a consultant for a variety of technology concerns. As an ethnographer of digital cultures in emerging markets such as China and Mexico, her work has been of interest to both business and academics in general. Anthropologists have long been interested in elucidating networks. As Johnson points out, anthropologists were pivotal in developing network analysis as a foil to their theories of kinship and sociality.