In West Baltimore, near the corner of Baltimore Street and South Greene in the middle of the sprawling campus of the University of Maryland Medical Center, sits the Institute for Human Virology (IHV). The IHV operates several clinics throughout West Baltimore. One of them, on the first level of the Institute's building, is joint AIDS community quest for unique and effective treatment strategies (JACQUES), a treatment and outreach center with a holistic model of care involving connecting to various social services, various levels of counseling, the encouragement of alternative social networks of support as well as outreach to communities all over Baltimore, especially those hardest hit by the pandemic. The Internet Archive's 'Wayback Machine' shows that JACQUES was included in the IHV's site from 2011, when the outreach clinic put up a page that introduced its holistic methodology and its outreach programs, including its 'Leadership in HIV Summit' and its involvement in City Uprising.