This chaper presents an interview with an expert: Mr Marco Meyrat, member of the executive board of Hilti Corporation, where Stephan M. Liozu and Marco Meyrat discusses the technical, political, and cultural dynamics of the organizational change management related to pricing at Hilti. Managers of companies with currently weak capabilities in value-based pricing and value-based selling will benefit. This is in everybody's mind of Hilti people, that they have quite the self-confidence in terms of the brand positioning in the industry. The hilti organization have 22,000 people, of which 10,000 are in sales. So, for the organization, 'sales' is the core process. It's not just a department somewhere, which at the end of the day is responsible for everything that goes wrong. The organization's sales force is one of the two pillars. One always say that the company is built on two pillars: direct sales meaning organization's sales force, and innovation.