I did not plan or even expect the life I now lead and see as my own. Instead, it emerged from a series of dark nights of the soul, followed by sudden breakthroughs, synchronicities, and epiphanies that, in retrospect, all seemed designed to “bring forth” an authentic Self that already existed within me and that had a purpose in this world. Ironically, the scientific framework that emerged from this volatile process helped me see that I was experiencing the classic, spiritual learning journey. The science also clarified how and why the process worked as it did, while also making the process and the Grand Invisible Hand that prodded me through it altogether more real, practical, and daily than my traditional modern mind could have imagined. This article, therefore, is dedicated to the “bringing forth that which is within you,” which Jesus describes in the opening quote. I am now a grateful participant in my own unfolding and a thankful true believer in the Great Ordering Oneness, which envelops and guides all things.