This is a brief intellectual autobiography telling of how I came to be captivated by evolutionary theories of a self-organizing universe and their meaningful connections with intercultural lore from other settings, notably Daoist and NeoConfucian traditions. This marriage of themes led me to thinking about a universe system of nonlocal connectivity irreducible to subjects and objects. Herein, or hereas, our self-awareness appears as a fractal of the complementarity, mutual coproduction and coinherence of mind and/as cosmic nature the nondualizing (self)experience of which is conducive to extreme long-term ecosocial sustainability. understanding ourselves in contemplative attentiveness to embody the evolutionary self-organization of cosmogenesis as expressed in the conduct of life and our relations with the natural world we simultaneously experience ourselves as a (co)conscious dimensionality of creatio continua. The intrinsic delight of this outshines the extrinsic gains we seek through excessively utilitarian orientations to the world and results in a reduced demand on the natural environment.