Freedom is like the morning, some sleep and wait for it to come, but others stay awake and walk all night to reach it (Subcomandante Marcos, 1996, p. 247). Two multiracial, Latina/o immigrants, one from Mexico and one from the Dominican Republic, are not what many would imagine when thinking of psychology professors. Against all odds, the two authors were fortunate enough to break the stereotypes and low expectations of a society that continues to view, think, and treat ethnic and racial minorities as second-class citizens. Given these challenges, a common question often asked of them is, “How did they make it this far?” As with most ethnic and racial minority individuals in the United States (U.S.), this question is of no surprise. Yet, many faculty of color owe their success to their individual and collective resiliencies, which have allowed us to stay awake and walk towards academic spaces with strength, creativity, and determination.