A great deal of research points to the importance of teachers’ professional learning for enhancing the quality of classroom teaching and learning in schools, and the importance of the role of schools in supporting teachers developing effective professional learning. It is therefore fitting that politicians here and in other countries look to educational researchers for advice about the prevalence of effective professional learning by teachers in schools as well as the systems and strategies that schools develop to support teachers in developing effective professional learning practices and values. It is also essential that governments establish a policy context that facilitates and enables teachers to learn in ways that are conducive to the development of effective practices in support of their students’ learning. In this article we summarize the key policy-related findings from the recent Schools and Continuing

Professional Development in England – State of the Nation Study (SoNS) commissioned by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) on behalf of the government. We begin with a brief overview of the relevant research and policy contexts related to teachers’ professional learning in schools in England before summarizing the research design and our findings.