This chapter examines the intersection between three movements in Italian diasporic space and index the effects of neoliberal transformations on diasporic subject and group formations. The analysis is based on ethnographic fieldwork in Naples, Trento and Toronto, in which the chapter track the entanglement of 'diaspora projects' and 'neoliberal practices'. Though from a different disciplinary approach, the chapter follows Donna Gabaccia's series of suggestive articles about Italian history and gli italiani nel mondo, in which she encouraged historians to consider the imbrications of Italy's 150 year old diaspora with other migration projects in the wake of Italy's transformation into a country of immigration in the late twentieth century. The chapter considers Italian mobility in an expansive sense to include the entanglement of histories of people leaving and coming into Italy and, in doing so, outlined ways that diasporic projects traverse the Italian nation-space by circulating forms of sociality, or group belonging.