This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of the book. The book has focused on one problematic product of this system in the present, transgenderism, and sought to show its harms, and it has argued that 'gender', as it is encapsulated in transgenderism, hurts many. It has sought to show, the harms are so egregious that it is not ethically acceptable to turn away. But the gender in transgenderism is positive for those who gain financially from it, such as the medical professionals, counselors, psychologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies. It is likely to be the acceptance of the essential nature of gender that creates the nest bed for the acceptance of transgenderism. Transgender activists are waging a struggle for the survival of their ideology, which involves online abuse and campaigns of harassment, public assaults upon feminists and campaigns to prevent feminist freedom of speech and association.