This chapter provides a solution for school readiness. This solution closes the achievement gap before it can open. The chapter is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the relationship between school readiness and the reading achievement gap. The second discusses the relationship in terms of Indigenous children and families. The third section examines two high-quality, comprehensive, evidence-based early childhood Indigenous education programs and their effects on school readiness. The chapter explains Preschool and kindergarten assessments are selected and administered by the school district pursuant to state directives. Results presented show preschool receptive vocabulary development and subsequent kindergarten emergent literacy skills. Among the group of 39 children with lower receptive vocabulary skills upon preschool entry, the scores increased from 2.2 to 15.1 letters named correctly and 15 children correctly named all 26 uppercase letters at year's end. However, closing the reading achievement gap for Indigenous children will be stillborn without "scaled up" changes beyond school readiness education.