This project explored how the collaborative creation of a psychospiritual group process that is culturally relevant can empower U.S. born Latinas in their lives and begin the process of soul reclamation and healing for this population of women. This article examines how spiritual work grounded in the socio-cultural context is therapeutic and healing when working with Latinas. The Latino/a cultural world view speaks to the effectiveness of homogenous group work within this community. The different spiritual traditions that exist within the Latino/a diaspora and the role of women in these traditions are discussed to inform the reader of the inherent therapeutic tools within Latino/a spirituality that encourage wholeness. There were five U.S. born Latinas, between the ages of 23-26, of different backgrounds who participated in this group process. Eight group sessions of 3 hours were conducted over a period of eight weeks. Topics of discussion chosen by the members of this group included Family, Relationships with Men, Body Esteem/Sexuality, Creativity and Careers, and Spirituality. This process began the organizational work of DeAlmas Latinas, which offers psychospiritual group workshops and retreats to the Latina community. [Article copies available for a fee from The Haworth Document Delivery Service:

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