This chapter investigates the number and scale of media technologies that one use in the developed countries can be expanded to the rest of the world, and whether that expansion can be sustained. It concentrates on manufacture of the material production of goods and the labor required producing them, along with the extra economic consequences of manufacture. The maquiladoras, sprawling subcontracting factories along the United States (US)-Mexican border that have become major economic zones since the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), have been extensively documented for their poor workplace health and safety, exploitation of women, and environmental impacts. In a 2011 overview of the industry's environmental and health hazards, Corky Chew notes that Power Finance Corporation Ltd (PFCs) are less frequently used in semiconductor fabrication than previously, but that remaining dangerous chemicals include heavy metals, rare earths, solvents, epoxy, corrosives and caustics, fluorides, ammonia, and lead.