The role of scientific visualizations of molecular events play in the repair of 'unsustainable' human-virus relations that is, pathogenic relations in whom the virus, as obligate parasite, depletes host resources so completely that they become non-renewable. This chapter focuses on 3-D 'scientific animations' born of collaborations among academic researchers, biotech corporations, and digital animators that are affectionately dubbed 'the molecular movies'. Molecular-level change is the baseline for changing human-virus organismic relations, enabling the host to 'live with' a once-hostile pathogenic parasite. McGill founded Digizyme, a company for designing molecular and cellular visualizations, and hosts an online directory of molecular and cell animations. In the molecular movies, narratives emerge from this logical sequencing, simulations of change for grasping the systemic impacts of digital manipulation. Working toward biotechnological repair and regeneration beneficial to both virus and host, they become crucial for ecological sustainability.