A friend of ours, who we will call Angie, was head-over-heals in love. The object of her affection, Brad, worked in a different division of a medium size organization, and they had met at lunch through mutual friends. The members of the group were all young, well-educated, with careers on the rise, and they enjoyed one another's company. Soon, Angie, Brad, and their friends were having lunch together several times a week. Lunchtime contact evolved into plans for afterhours workout sessions at the company gym. But exercise is more demanding than eating. One person dropped out of the workout group because of family responsibilities, another because he could never seem to finish his work by 5:30, and a third because of an injured Achilles tendon. Just Angie and Brad were left, chatting and sweating together on adjacent stairclimbers, learning about each other's pains from the past and hopes for the future.