Cambodia is famed for its enigmatic temples and massive stone faces peering through the jungle foliage. Regrettably, this countries great heritage is being decimated by widespread looting, not only of the temples but also of its older archaeological sites. This alarming destruction prompted a concerned group of international scholars to form Heritage Watch, a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving Cambodia's cultural legacy. Heritage Watch focused on grass-roots training in areas affected by looting. The Sustainable Tourism and Community Development Project in Koh Ker promotes heritage protection and poverty reduction at one of Southeast Asia's largest temple complexes: the ancient Khmer capital of Koh Ker. The Koh Ker project was implemented in June 2007 and promotes the protection of the temple complex while providing a sustainable development strategy that ensures the people of Koh Ker are directly benefiting from all associated tourism development. Tangible results have been realised with the expansion of the Cambodian Heritage Police.