This chapter discusses encompassing project of a MINT College in which Offenburg University develop measures to improve the conditions for successful studies in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. A main advantage of the mobile solution becomes obvious: Given that the eCoach is available anywhere via smartphone, any valuable free time slot can be used, such as while commuting by train. Offenburg University developed a suitable set of exercises. They concentrate on elementary algebra; geometry and functions; and concrete examples from economics and technical science. The MassMatics app provides comprehensive coaching for developing the solutions in addition to comparing the end result. In 2013, in response to these alarming results, a team consisting of a math professor, e-learning/m-learning experts, and pedagogues from Offenburg University developed a new didactical concept for the preparatory courses. Mathematical e-learning often concentrates on checking the students resulting formulas. Quality loop app contains a feedback mechanism to continuously improve support.